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Purearth extends Kefir water offer

Purearth has added a trio of new flavours to its vegan Kefir water range with the launch of Hibiscus + Lime, Passionfruit + Turmeric and Ginger + Lemon.

Fresh new lines from Nairn’s

Nairn’s is offering up a new oatcake variety as well as a three-strong range of on-the-go Oat Bars for healthier snacking.

Why the plant-based sector is pandemic-proof

As the year draws to an end, ProVeg International has published its meat-free moments of 2020, calling the plant-based sector pandemic-proof.

Vegan Valley: Heather Mills’ VBites to open Britain’s biggest vegan food...

Businesswoman and vegan campaigner Heather Mills is about to open what she has described as Britain’s biggest vegan food factory, at a former Walker’s crips facility in Peterlee, Co Durham.

Sustainable veganism gets vibrant

Vibrant Vegan Co is a new social enterprise delivering sustainable, healthy vegan meals through a subscription service in a bid to meet the growing demand for plant-based meals as well as the reduction of single-use plastics.

Veganuary hits the one million mark

The annual Veganuary campaign is celebrating hitting a major milestone as it passes one million official participants.

Love Cocoa pairs avocado with chocolate

Love Cocoa has created what it claims is Europe’s first ever vegan avocado chocolate bar.

Qwrkee creates vegan jerky

The recently launched plant-based brand Qwrkee has now entered the snacking category with a range of vegan jerky.

Clearspring launches Organic Plant Protein Powders

Addressing the growing consumer demand for products with high protein content, Clearspring has unveiled a range of Organic Plant Protein Powders.

Montezuma’s goes back to black

Montezuma's has added to its Absolute Black 100% cocoa bars with two new flavours: Absolute Black with Almond and Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs.

Almost one in ten Tel Avivians identify as vegan or vegetarian

A new survey commissioned by Tel Aviv Global & Tourism reveals 4% of Tel Aviv residents identify as vegan and 4.5% as vegetarian.

Just Wholefoods celebrates 30th birthday with rebrand

Just Wholefoods is celebrating its 30th anniversary by rebranding its entire 19-strong product portfolio.

Jackfruit in a jar from Clearspring

Clearspring has introduced its latest product: Organic Young Jackfruit Chunks in a jar.

Epicure stirs up world-inspired pestos

Epicure has introduced a five-strong range of innovative pestos into the food retail space.

‘Clean’, ‘green’, ‘cruelty-free’ … and unhealthy?

'Clean', 'green', 'cruelty-free' meat alternatives are often positioned as more ethically responsible meal options. But are they?

Chuckling Goat claims world first with brown rice kefir

Chuckling Goat has created a Brown Rice Kefir in what it says is a ‘world first’, following customer demand for a vegan, gluten-free kefir option.

Vbites backs One Planet Pizza

UK frozen vegan pizza company One Planet Pizza is planning significant upscaling of the business after gaining investment from Heather Mills’ Vbites Ventures.

Skinny Caffe serves up natural blends

The Skinny Caffe has introduced a line of natural, vegan and gluten-free blends incorporating superfood ingredients.

M&S vegan range under fire

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is under scrutiny due to its new vegan range, Plant Kitchen, bearing warnings that the products are ‘not suitable for milk or egg allergy sufferers’.

Galaxy launches into vegan space

Mars Wrigley is launching into the valuable vegan market with a trio of variants of its famous Galaxy chocolate bar. The three new Galaxy vegan lines –...