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The heart of the matter

Dr Decker Weiss is a naturopathic cardiologist with an important message about inflammation. Here, Rosie Greenaway relays some of the key messages conveyed during his 2018 retailer roadshow, and discovers why ignoring the red flags could be catastrophic for cardiovascular health

The (not so) big sleep

It’s essential for our physical and psychological wellbeing, yet increasing numbers of us fail to get the rest we need. Tiredness and fatigue is the scourge of an exhausted nation rushed off its feet – so why can’t we sleep? Claire Lavelle investigates

Protein goes green

From the humble pea to the mighty sunflower, plant-based sources of protein are gaining ground. Jo Caird examines the market and reports on a...

Magnificent magnesium

Allergy season is almost upon us, but hay fever isn’t the only seasonal concern on consumers’ minds. Rosie Greenaway explores asthma – another common...

A balancing act

Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, but the term was coined by toxicologist Nikolai Lazarev in 1958. 

Celebrating organic

Organic September, the Soil Association’s month-long celebration of all things organic, offers a fantastic opportunity for independents to boost takings and reach out to...

Living the low impact life

Increasingly consumers are looking to lead a low impact life – so what can you do to attract the green-minded shopper?  More and more people...

A natural beginning

From the BFG to the concept of foodclusivity, Rosie Greenaway takes a ‘whizz-popping’ tour of what’s trending in natural parent.

Fit for purpose

How has the sports nutrition category changed to help customers stay active through COVID-19? Matt Chittock finds out

Facing down fatigue

Chronic tiredness and fatigue have dogged the nation big time, and never more so since the spectre of COVID and its myriad of implications.

Wellbeing meets wanderlust

Rosie Greenaway packs her bags and heads off in search of new scenery with natural products in tow to maintain wellbeing on the road.

Wake-up call

The neuroscientist and science writer Matthew Walker describes lack of sleep as a ‘slow form of self-euthanasia’. His best-selling book Why We Sleep is...

A clean sweep

Jane Wolfe looks at the consequences of lockdown on diet and the solutions health stores can offer to provide a cleanse to bodies and minds.  

The big yawn

Increased daylight hours, caffeine, alcohol and ‘screen time’ are contributing to the nation’s struggle for a decent night’s rest. But which city sleeps the...

Raw power

Raw food has blossomed within the natural food sector in the last few years, but will it remain the preserve of the natural health...

Nailing it!

The hair, eyes, skin and nails category can be a big seller as customers seek out beauty from within. Consumers are coming round to the...

Double digits

Hands have had a rough time recently and feet have been left neglected - time to make hands happy and feet fabulous, says Jane Wolfe.

Lardered up

Show some cupboard love for organic and natural essentials, says Matt Chittock From organic tinned tomatoes to freshly baked gluten-free bread, store cupboard staples...

The brilliance of honeybees

Rosie Greenaway gets a taste of the bee products market and discovers a few sweet surprises along the way.

Free and easy

With ‘free-from’ now used as a broad term to encompass any foods free from any unwanted element its original function can get overlooked.